Blessed are the children

Blessed are the children, innocent and new;
Blessed are the parents, with smiles so proud and true.
Blessed are the people who love them just as much;
Blessed are the strangers whose lives they’ll someday touch.

Blessed is the wind, blowing gently o’er the plain;
Blessed is the water, cleansing all the pain.
Blessed is the fire, burning bright through darkest nights;
Blessed is the earth, its valleys and its heights.

Blessed is the sun, whose warmth fills up the years;
Blessed is the rain, to wash away the tears.
Blessed is the beauty, inspiring life so sweet;
Blessed is the sorrow, when end of life we meet.

Blessed are the days, both good and sadness filled;
Blessed are the nights, our visions there to build.
Blessed are the moments we share with those we love;
Blessed are the years we live, a life to be proud of.


2 responses to “Blessed are the children

  1. WOW!! That is beautiful! Amazing! You are a wonderful poet!

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