I believe…

I believe I am a good person.
I believe I can be a better person.
I believe that we should learn from our mistakes.
I believe that if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.
I believe I am meant to be a teacher.
I believe that lightbulb moments are why I teach.
I believe in my students.
I believe that everyone deserves some level of respect.
I believe in a Higher Power, something larger than us.
I believe that finding spirituality is a personal journey.
I believe in the Golden Rule – treat others, as you would have them treat you.
I believe in fidelity, honesty, loyalty, and integrity.
I believe that every situation has 2 sides.
I believe we should try to see both sides.
I believe in the beauty of nature and the joy it can bring.
I believe in peaceful moments.
I believe that bad things sometimes happen to good people.
I believe that things happen for a reason.
I believe that life is more about the journey than the destination.
I believe in growing old with someone you love, even if that is just yourself.
I believe that money can’t buy happiness but it makes it easier to find.
I believe that color can influence our mood.
I believe in the healing power of touch.
I believe that we all need other people, and that we need to be needed.
I believe that time can be an enemy or a savior.
I believe in infinity.
I believe in equality.
I believe that words can hurt.
I believe that words can also heal.
I believe that a smile can make the difference in someone’s day.
I believe there are moments when I have to fake it ‘til I can make it.
I believe that beauty shines from within.
I believe in silence.
I believe in angels.
I believe in rainbows and shooting stars and daffodils and …

2 responses to “I believe…

  1. I love this poem 🙂

    I especially like the end…very clever…it leaves room for a ummmm?

    Thanks so much for sharing it….


  2. unabridgedgirl

    You sound like a great teacher!

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