The last 25 things about me (for now)

51. I met Jeanne in a bowling alley.
52. I really enjoy preparing Thanksgiving dinner.  The more work involved, the more I enjoy it.  Especially the planning process.
53. I used to be able to complete a Rubik’s Cube.  It’s been years – I’m not sure if I still can.
54. I have faith that someday, I will be able to legally marry the woman I love. Anywhere we live.
55. I enjoy cold weather a lot more than hot weather. You can always put on another layer.  You can only take off so many clothes before you can be charged with indecent exposure.
56.    I love the fact that Jeanne likes my sense of humor.  Not everyone gets me when I’m trying to be funny.
57.    I don’t drink coffee.
58. My dad could never remember that, even before his dementia.
59. I drink tea, but have had to cut back on caffeine after lunchtime.
60. I like to read romance books, especially with strong female lead characters.
61. I watch way more TV than I should.  Although Facebook and blogging are slowly weaning me from the TV and addicting me to the computer.
62. I’ve been to 8 countries outside the US.  One was Iceland as a layover on the way to Europe, and 1 was Italy, which I visited for an afternoon while staying in the South of France.  The other 6 are: Canada, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Switzerland.
63.    I was one of the last holdouts for using the computer at my old school.  Now, I don’t know what I would do without one.
64. I enjoy finding new ways to explain things to my students.  I get very excited when they have what I call “lightbulb moments”.  I got to experience that thrill yesterday!
65. I treat myself to a tall Starbucks non-fat, no-water, chai once a week.
66.    My local Starbucks is staffed by John and Kate plus 8.  (really – the manager’s name is John, there is a barista named Kate, and 8 other employees at that location!)
67. I drove 4 Saturns from 1995 – 2010.  I’m really sad they have gone out of business.
68. I am completely envious of my sister-in-law’s ability to decorate for the holidays.  Her house always looks good enough to be in a magazine.
69.    Our Christmas tree usually stays up until Jeanne’s birthday in February.
70. I have never liked my handwriting.   And it gets worse the more I write.  The year I figured out how to do labels for my Christmas cards on the computer was the best!
71. I miss having a chalkboard.  I know the dust was a problem for those with allergies, but you can use a piece of chalk until it is almost gone and the students in the back can still see it.  I throw away too many expo markers because they fade and the kids can’t read what I have written.
72. Although I stand in front of students all day, occasionally lead the service at my church, and have spoken in front of the whole school on a couple of occasions, I am basically a shy person.  Put me in a room with strangers and I will sit in a corner until someone else comes up to me.
73. I can read upside down much better than sideways.  I tell my students it is because I was sick the day they taught us how to read sideways in “teacher training”.  Sometimes they believe me!
74. I have attended 7 schools & colleges, 3 elementary, 1 high school, 2 colleges for undergrad, and one for graduate school.
75. My favorite season is fall – I love the cooler weather and the colors of the leaves.  I just wish it would hurry up and get here!

(00ps – I realized I had repeated myself on 2 of these, so I edited the list to include 2 different ones).  I am sure there is more to me than this list of 75, but it covers a lot of ground.  Thanks for following along!


2 responses to “The last 25 things about me (for now)

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading your lists too. I, too, enjoy cooking a huge Thanksgiving dinner and my favorite season is fall. But #57? I could not do that! I’m an addict.

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