January is flying by

It has been a while since I wrote a real blog entry.  The holidays were quite hectic – Mom visited the week before Christmas and then spent the actual holiday with my brother’s family in Wisconsin.  She came back after Christmas, and my brother and his family arrived in time to celebrate Dad’s 85th birthday at the rehab center/nursing home where he has been recovering from hip surgery.  He probably doesn’t remember that we celebrated, but he seemed pleased to have his family around him on the actual day.

New Year’s Eve, we went to a friend’s house for a party, but ended up leaving early – I was tired and starting to come down with a cold.  Even though it was our 17th anniversary, we were in bed asleep by 10:30.  So much for watching the ball drop!

By Sunday, my cold was in full-congestion mode and I was feeling pretty miserable.  I was able to go to work all week, but didn’t want to take my germ-infested snot rags anywhere near Dad or the other residents at his rehab facility, so I missed seeing him for a week.

As I posted on the 5th, we had to put Hannah, our 11 year old Lab-mix, to sleep.  That was a difficult day – she had been suffering, so we knew it was the right thing to do, but I still come home after work expecting to hear her nails clicking on the floors as she comes to greet me at the door.

The bowling team I coach had a match on the 6th and the 11th – the last two matches of the regular season.  We ended with a record of 9-6, in 3rd place in our region, so we will be heading to the State Tournament in about 2 weeks.  I love working with this group of girls – they are a tight-knit group and have really improved their bowling skills over the past few years.  The tournament will be exciting – we have a good chance of doing well – and next year’s season will be even better!

Also on the 11th, Dad moved out of rehab and into a new assisted living location.  He is still adjusting, but we are all pleased with the facility and are hopeful that it will be a good fit for him.

Now that he is there, and bowling season is almost over, I hope that life can settle into a routine.  I should be able to stop by and see him most afternoons after work.  So far, he seems to know me and to trust me, so even when he is having a bad day, I can usually calm him down and help him feel safe.

Mom was here again through this last move for Dad, but has returned to the East Coast with no definite plans for her next visit.  Although I don’t want to keep her from seeing Dad, I am sort of hoping that her tentative plans to come in early February don’t materialize… too much together time has stretched my patience with her over the last couple of months.  I could use a break.

So.  My work day is over and I don’t have bowling practice.  I think I will go visit Dad now.  See you later!


3 responses to “January is flying by

  1. Hang in there, as you know–you’re not alone. I’ve been blogging religiously about my Dad’s journey into Alzheimer’s too. Feel free to catch up, check out my “sources” for Alzheimer’s books, or just talk.

    What a tough tough journey.

  2. And by the way, my heart breaks that you also had to make such a tough decision for your Hannah. We have a 13.5 year old Hannah, too. And six years ago, I lost all three of my cocker spaniels due to illness/old age. Heart breaking life changes, my dear. Hang in there!

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