Traditions… do you have any?

The other day, I posted about how Jeanne and I met. Today, I want to tell you about our first Valentine’s Day together. We had been dating just over a month. Jeanne was stationed in Washington with the USAF, and was getting ready to take her PFE (Promotion Fitness Exam) to try to make her next rank. I was working at a boarding school as Assistant Dean of Students, and as such, had a work week that ran Tuesday through Saturday.

Valentine’s Day fell on Monday that year (hey – this year too!) so I was off. She took the 14th off, because the test was on the 15th. I was helping her study by quizzing her with questions from her study guide, so we spent the day at her house. About 11:30, we decided to take a break and go get something to eat. There was a Chinese restaurant near by that we wanted to try, so we went there.

We had a very nice meal – I don’t remember our exact order, but I would be willing to bet I got Cashew Chicken and she probably got something with shrimp in it. I would have ordered egg drop soup and she may have had wonton soup. She probably also ordered an egg roll. (We tend to be creatures of habit…) After lunch, we went back to her house to continue the study session.

About 2:00, the doorbell rang. Since it was her house, I told her to get the door. When she opened it, a delivery guy handed over a vase filled with a dozen lavender roses. The card said “Now seems like a good time to say…” . She opened it up, read it, and looked at me, confused. I finished the sentiment with “I love you.”

Although I don’t send her roses every year (truth be told, neither of us is really into flowers), we have continued the tradition of Chinese food. Some years, it is lunch, other years it is dinner. Occasionally, we have had to celebrate a day late or a day early. But this year, our 17th Valentine’s Day, we will be going to Royal Panda for dinner on Monday. After all, it is our tradition!

On this day filled with flowers and chocolate and hearts and Cupids, I hope that your day is filled with Love, whatever that means to you.


One response to “Traditions… do you have any?

  1. what a lovely tradition!

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