Ten things I love about teaching

10.              Getting to share a subject I love.

I have loved math since I was in elementary school and have always wanted to teach it.

9.             Knowing that I am helping to shape the future.

The lessons I try to teach my students are not always subject specific.

8.             2 weeks off at Christmas and 2 months off in the summer.

It gives me time to rest and rejuvenate so that I can give my best to the students.

7.            Getting to be a ham in front of the class.

I am actually quite shy, so acting silly helps me cover that up.

6.            Thinking of multiple ways to present material so that it makes sense to different types of learners.

This is something I pride myself on being able to do – respond, rephrase, & reteach.

5.             Getting to do math every day.

What can I say – I am a math geek!

4.            Watching students mature over the 4 years of high school.

I teach them as Freshmen.  I watch them grow up. They change so much in those 4 years, sometimes I hardly recognize them when they graduate.

3.             School plays and concerts and sporting events.

I love seeing a different side of the kids that I get to know first in class.  I am often surprised by the artists, athletes, singers and scholars – everyone has more than one persona!

2.             Finding ways to connect with even the most math-phobic students.

This is another strength of mine – finding ways to reduce math anxiety by helping them find ways to be successful.

1.               Lightbulb moments – when my students have that a-ha moment.

These literally light up my life – I strive to help my students achieve these milestones every day.


3 responses to “Ten things I love about teaching

  1. After 33 years inner city, minority, poor, violent, drug infested, control freak egotistical administrators, crummy school and crummy teachers bad press, etc., 11th grade history, I am very sad to say my favorite 10 things were the first 10 days or retirement. That was 2006 and I am still burned out, drained and exhausted. Looking back, however, it was a fine way I spent my life. Also, Richard went to Harvard, Thomas became a policeman, and Martha a teacher for the severely handicapped.

    • I am sorry you got burned out on it. I have been a teacher for 26 years, but have been fortunate enough to work in private/independent schools the whole time, so have not had to deal with violence, drugs, and crummy work conditions. I hope that Richard, Thomas and Martha (former students?) made the 33 years worth while.

  2. I work in a public school that is low income and I couldn’t be happier. Although we don’t have many drug/violence problems, there are a lot of other issues. I really enjoyed this list. #1, #3, #4, #9, and #10 are ones I would put on my own list. I enjoy the summer off, but not the fact that we are only 10 month employees. I would rather work 2 extra months and have the additional income.

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