From a good day to a bad one…

This has been a tough week.  Monday started out so wonderfully, with our outdoor chapel service and the beautiful weather.  It started to go down hill that evening when I found a dead rabbit in our back yard, being guarded by one of the dogs.  This was not an annoying, garden-eating kind of wild rabbit.  This was a pure white, someone’s pet, kind of rabbit.


This is not the neighbor's rabbit, but it looks like the one I found.

The neighbors to one side, who only moved in recently, have several young children, and I was afraid the bunny belonged to them.  That was confirmed last night when the dad and 4 young children came to our door, asking if we had seen their new rabbit.  I felt so bad when I had to let the dad know, through the kind of mental telepathy that adults use around children, that indeed I had seen it, and unfortunately, it had succumbed to my crazy dog.  He got the message and said he understood – “that’s life,” he said.

I am not sure how he will explain it to the children – perhaps he will tell them some version of the Alice in Wonderland story, where the rabbit disappears down a rabbit hole, late for a very important date.  Perhaps he will take me up on my offer of a new rabbit (does anyone know where I might find one?) and convince the children that the bunny had been visiting friends, but had returned to play with them.  Or perhaps he is of the parenting style that values honesty and life-lessons, and will explain how the bunny got through the hole our dog had dug under the fence, and how it is in dogs’ natures to chase and want to kill rabbits that they find.

No matter what version of the “truth” he tells the children, I will continue to feel badly about my part it in – I didn’t watch the dog closely enough to realize he had dug under the fence (in a back corner of our yard, behind the power pole that is against our fence).  I hope that my neighbor really did accept my apology, as he said he did last night.  I am working on forgiving myself.

Now, if only I can forgive the dog.


3 responses to “From a good day to a bad one…

  1. I understand. My dogs got ahold of my 3 gopher turtles.

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