A break in the dry spell

I know it has been a while since I have updated this blog.  From Thanksgiving through New Year’s, the days flew by, and before I knew it, the year had rolled over to 2012.  It has been almost 2 months since I have seen Dad, and I miss him a lot.  I have spoken to him a few times – it is really hard for him to hear me on a cell phone, and sometimes it is even hard for me to understand him, especially when Mom calls my cell from her cell.  Really makes the commercial “Can you hear me now?” have a whole new meaning.

The first week Dad was in Delaware, Mom was with him every day.  She has also been to see him just about every week since then, for at least a day or two.  She was there Christmas morning, as well as on his birthday 5 days later.  It isn’t quite the same as being able to stop by every day or so after work, but when she is there, it is for longer visits than I was able to provide.  She tells me that he is doing well – that physical therapy is helping him stand and walk with a walker a bit more – and that he seems to be comfortable with the staff and other residents.  Despite her reassurances, I don’t know exactly how he is.

This weekend, I will find out for myself!  I am flying up Saturday and spending 2 nights there.  The residence has a guest suite that can be reserved, so I will be right on site.  It will be just me & Dad, since Mom is leaving this weekend for a trip with a friend.  I am very excited to see him, see how he is doing, and get a sense of how this place compares to where he was before.  (I was only there overnight when we moved him in November.)

The next few weeks will be busy, but towards the end of January, life will slow down a bit.  I will try to be better about blogging in the coming months, but in the meantime, thanks to all who are following my journey.


One response to “A break in the dry spell

  1. Give him our love – we think of him often and wonder how he is doing away
    from you. Love to you too! Joanie

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