Remembering a lesson learned and the teacher who taught it

A fellow teacher, Renée Schuls-Jacobson,  blogs over at Lessons from Teachers and Twits, and last year, she invited other bloggers to write guest posts about memorable teachers.  This year, she is running more guest posts – this time, specifically about lessons learned.

When one of my favorite teachers from high school passed away back in December, I wrote a piece about him and some of the things I had learned, both in and out of the classroom.  I sent it in to Renée and she has graciously included it in her collection of guest posts.  Today is the day my post will run on her blog, so I invite you to visit, read about Mr. Tibbetts, and check out the other posts from Renée and her friends.  You won’t be sorry!

3 responses to “Remembering a lesson learned and the teacher who taught it

  1. So glad you are at my place today! It’s a lovely piece, and I see you are already getting some action!

  2. Hey there! Your fab entry in The Jacket writing competition is now up on my blog. Check it out, and thanks so much for playing along.

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