Ups and downs…

I knew, going into last Monday’s weigh-in, that the previous week had not been my best effort.  I had eaten way more than I should have, and exercised way less.  Fortunately, my “bad” eating habits are still better than they used to be, and I actually lost a little.  A very little.  0.6 lbs.  But as my sister-in-law put it, a loss is a loss is a loss.

I was still about 1.5 lbs from where I want to be, with just over 2 weeks left to get there.  Unfortunately, this past week was also a tough one.  I traveled with a group of students for 3 days, eating in hotel lobbies and mall food courts for much of that time.  These types of eating establishments do not cater to weight management plans.  Deep fried, greasy, carb-heavy menus make it difficult to make healthy choices.

But the internet is my best ally!  When I got the itinerary from the trip organizer, I googled (strange how that has become a verb) the malls, scoped out the choices at the food courts, and got nutritional information from the chains’ websites.  I made a list of places and menu items that would be good choices, packed healthy snacks, and vowed to do the best I could to stick to my plan.

Unfortunately, I deviated from my plan almost from the beginning.  Lunch on Day 1 was supposed to be a turkey burger without a bun.  We left Memphis at 6:15 am, the girls performed at a school in Little Rock, and then we headed to the mall.  By the time we got there, I was famished.  With 95 girls and 8 other chaperones scattering to the various eateries in the food court, I chose the place with the shortest line – Mandarin Express – and ordered more than I should have.  I knew it was too much food – although I tried to go with the healthiest options – but I ate it all anyway.

It might not have been too bad if I had been able to go walk it off, but we had to load up the bus and travel for another 6-7 hours.  The good news is that when we stopped for dinner, I was still full from dinner, so I got a sandwich to take to the hotel room.  I never did eat it, though.

The next morning, breakfast was available in the lobby of the hotel.  I had eggs and a bagel.  Probably should have skipped the bagel, but it was already on my plate when I spied the eggs, and I hate to waste food.

Lunch was again at a food court – I chose Mexican this time.  Should have tossed ½ of what I got, but again, I hate to waste food.  So I ate it all.  Dinner was early on day 2, so I wasn’t very hungry.  Stuck with an appetizer and sharing an entrée.  I didn’t make the healthiest choices that day, but at least I am doing a better job of listening to my body about when I am hungry and not just eating because the clock (or the itinerary) says it’s time.

Day 3 began better – I knew there were eggs on the buffet so went right for that.  Had 1 piece of wheat bread with them.  Then, remembering the assignment my Weight Watchers leader had given the group, I tried a new power food.  I have not eaten oatmeal since I was 11.  I had a traumatic experience at summer camp when I was forced to eat it, even though I didn’t like it.  I haven’t touched the stuff since then.  But my taste buds have changed as an adult, so I decided to buck up and try it.  I put a small amount – what my mother used to call a “no-thank-you helping” – in a bowl, added some nuts and a little brown sugar, and tasted it. 

My 11 year old self feels vindicated.  It was still yucky.  That may have been because it was pretty runny and was being served in a hotel lobby.  I may get brave and try it again, but I am not putting money on my liking it!

Lunch that day was again mall food – I splurged on a piece of pizza.  In my former life, I would have ordered 2, plus bread sticks and a soda, so I am proud of my restraint!  I even blotted the grease off before eating it.

Another change I have made, that I have not had too much trouble sticking to, is no carbonated soft drinks.  I can’t stand artificial sweetener, so won’t drink diet drinks.  I have pretty much only had tea (hot or cold) or water to drink since January.  (I did have a beer on St. Patrick’s Day – but I don’t think you can blame me for that!)

After I got home on Friday night, I was able to get back into my routine.  Over the weekend, I ate better and I even got more exercise than usual, since I participated in a 2.5 mile walk on Saturday.

Sunday afternoon, I did some exercises with free weights, and wasn’t really hungry for dinner, so just had some popcorn as a snack.  All in all, I am feeling pretty good about the week.  Weigh-in is less than 2 hours away.  Wish me luck!


3 responses to “Ups and downs…

  1. Dieting and travelling are two things that really don’t go together well. It’s very hard to stay on course. Glad you’re back on track and good luck!

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