Turning Lemons into (Sugar-free) Lemonade

Last week, I suffered a significant set-back in my weight loss journey.  I had the largest single gain at my weekly weigh in since I began Weight Watchers in January of this year.  In the past, something like that would have completely derailed my efforts.  I used to have a lot of negative self-talk, and a 3.6 lb gain would have caused my thought process to go something like “well, I obviously can’t lose weight.  I must be failure at this, so why even bother trying?”

This time around, things are different.  Instead of giving up, I took the setback as a challenge.  I looked at the habits I was falling back into and made a conscience decision to get back “on the wagon”.  First, I bought a digital scale (to replace the analog one I had been using).

This is not my *actual* weight!

I figured it would be more precise and I wouldn’t be able to fudge what I was seeing.  Second, and probably most important, I went back to charting what I was eating, even on the days that I ate too much, and deliberately chose fruit as snack food rather than chips.  And third, I went to exercise class twice this past week. Each time I go, I seem to be getting more out of it, since I am getting better at following the moves of the instructor.  I even added hand weights for added toning!

All of these changes – to my food intake, my activity level, and my attitude – paid off! Today, I recorded a weekly loss of… wait for it… 7.6 pounds!  As of right now, I have lost 20% (yes, 1/5) of my starting weight.  Almost 48 pounds total.  When I got to thinking about how much trouble I have carrying a 40 lb bag of dog food from the car into the house, and that I used to carry more than that around with me EVERYWHERE I went, I really can understand why I am feeling so good these days.

Look at how long my neck looks!

I know my body has changed – I have had to give away most of my clothing because it just hangs on me (skirts and pants have literally fallen off me) – but I haven’t really been able to see it in the mirror.   The condition of having a distorted body image – perceiving oneself as fatter or thinner than one really is – is known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder.  To some extent, I think I have some issues with this.  Even after losing 30, 35, 40 pounds, I would still look in the mirror and see the same (fat) person I had always seen.   I had a hard time believing that I looked any better, even though I was wearing smaller sizes and people were telling me how good I looked.

Today, though, something clicked.  I looked at my self and realized my stomach is flatter, my arms are more toned, and I have a neck! When did all that happen?  Now I am even more excited to stick with the program.

Imagine how good I’ll feel – physically AND emotionally – when I hit 50 lbs!  I plan to make it  happen by this time next week.  And then, who knows?!  I’ll have to set a new goal.  But my confidence has returned – I know I can get back on track any time I feel myself slipping.  I am NOT a failure.  I am taking the lemon I was given last week and making (sugar-free) lemonade out of it.  I finally believe I will succeed at this.  I already weigh less than I have for most of my adult life.  And I am determined to reach each and every goal I set for myself – I can do it!  As my Weight Watchers leader gets us to say each week:
I’m smart!  I’m funny!  I’m pretty!  I’m Chrystal!  And darn proud of myself, too!


6 responses to “Turning Lemons into (Sugar-free) Lemonade

  1. Glad for your continued success. What baffles me is that the scales at my two doctors say 232 and every other scale in the universe says 222.

  2. That is fabulous! Good for you, Chrystal. I just reached my WW goal last week—40 pounds—and it took me sixteen months to do it. But in the process I really learned to love exercise and to relish every bit of food I took in, especially huge salads and platesful of stirfry vegies!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Congratulations on your achievement. I’m not quite to the point of “loving” exercise, but I don’t dread it as much as I used to. Good luck in your retirement!

  3. Chrysti, so proud of your accomplishments! You look amazing!

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