Exercise used to be a dirty word

Exercise used to be a dirty word for me.  I hated it.  I hated to sweat.  I hated to be sore.  I hated everything about the idea of purposely putting yourself through that.

Then I started losing weight.  Then I plateaued.  Then I discovered Zumba and Hip Hop Abs.  Then I started to actually enjoy exercise.  Well, not all exercise.  Just those two.  But I find myself actually looking forward to Thursday nights and Saturday mornings, when my classes meet.  I even go when I don’t really feel like going (because, deep down, I really want to go).

Last weekend, I wasn’t able to go to the Saturday class due to being out of town, and I definitely missed it.  So I was determined not to miss again if I could help it.  This past week, though, I have been fighting a bad sinus infection, which has left me somewhat sleep deprived.  I have also been really busy at work, bowling practice has started up, and Thursday (when I only took a small sandwich and a handful of grapes for lunch), I was exhausted and hungry when I was driving from the bowling alley to the community center where Zumba is held.  It would have been so easy to make a quick turn and just head home instead.  I thought about it.  But then I thought about how much better I would feel about myself if I pushed through and went to class.  So I went.  And I was glad I did.

This morning, I was still tired when I got up to feed the menagerie (our dogs and cats can’t seem to understand the concept of the weekend being for sleeping in).  I did actually go back to sleep for a while.  When I woke up at 8:30, it was tempting to close my eyes again, but then I would have missed Zumba.  So I didn’t – I got up, got dressed, and got my butt there on time.

I haven’t been giving it my all these past 2 classes – my body just won’t respond right now – but I am still proud of myself for being there at all.  And I know it is helping – at my weigh in this week, I had my lowest “official” weight so far.  I am now down 48.4 pounds since January.  Although my home scale did (for a couple of days) show me at -50, officially, I’m not there yet.  (When I weigh myself at home, I am usually just about to get in the shower… at the WW meeting, I have clothes and shoes on!)  I am quickly running out of clothes again – time to purge the closet and make a run to the thrift store for another size change.

When I hit the next milestone, you’ll know… you’ll probably hear the cheer wherever you are!


7 responses to “Exercise used to be a dirty word

  1. I joined a gym and did not lose a single pound. I am going to look on the map and drive over there to get my money back.

  2. I discovered aqua aerobics myself, because I also do not like to sweat! I found that if I am in the water I don’t sweat, or if I do I don’t notice because I am already wet!

  3. Hey there! I just discovered your blog and I found this post really inspirational! I am trying to work out, partially to lose some weight, but more so to feel stronger and be healthier. I HATE working out, but I love how I feel afterwards, so I am trying to hold on to that feeling as a way to stay motivated. Congrats on your amazing weight loss this year!!! That is quite a feat. Anyway, love the blog!

    • Thanks so much! I know what you mean about working out. Hang on to that motivation! My sister-in-law always tells me “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels” – it helps me stay strong when I am craving something unhealthy!

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